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handmade sellers

Social media is helping artisans build community with buyers, and with other makers.

Parental Leave

18-month, paid parental leave is now available as an alternative to the standard, 12 month parental leave.

Student Burnout

Anxiety and Depression on the Rise Among Students - Colleges and Employers Promote Self Care.

The Social Side of Fitness

Social Media's impact on how people work out by themselves and as a community.

SAD Strategies

Winter's cold months and lack of sunshine are the culprits behind the thousands of Canadians that suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and the winter blues. There are many strategies to combat the seasonal depression.

Outdoor winter activities

People in Manitoba have always found ways to deal with the cold. RRCTV talked to people finding creative ways to embrace our infamously frigid winters.

Women in trades

In Manitoba, women are hugely underrepresented in the trades. What's it like to work in the male-dominated fields?

Bed Bugs in Winnipeg

After Winnipeg was named the #2 bed bug hot spot in Canada, RRCTV spoke to exterminators, search dog trainers and thrift store volunteers about Winnipeg's bed bug problem and how to stay on top of it.

The new Canada Food Guide

Canada has released its revamped food guide to the public. RRCTV explored the reactions to these changes among dietitians, newcomers, and food shelters in Winnipeg.

Drone Regulations

New drone regulations will come into effect in Canada on June 1, 2019. Hobbyists and Professionals will have to maneuver around new rules.

Underwater Wellness and Rehabilitation

Underwater wellness during the coldest weeks of the year.

"Sparking Joy" with Decluttering

The Netflix show, Tidying up with Marie Kondo, has taken the world by storm, bringing a wave of high-value items with it.

Healthy Aging

As people age, they can face challenges like loneliness and isolation. How are seniors in Winnipeg finding community and staying active?

Women's Hockey & Ringette

Women's hockey brings more opportunity play at a high level than ringette does. Girls playing hockey in Winnipeg are working towards playing for a college team.

Snow Clearing

For those with accessibility concerns, snow-clearing is vital for mobility in the winter. The city says it's listening, but has limited resources.

Winnipeg's Nigerian Community

RRCTV talked to members of Winnipeg's Nigerian community, both newcomers and long-time residents. They talked about the barriers in accessing employment and bringing a piece of Nigeria to Winnipeg.

Reconciliation in Winnipeg

RRCTV talked to community leaders and students working toward reconciliation and Indigenizing education in Winnipeg.

Robotics in Winnipeg

RRCTV attended the Manitoba Robot Games and talked to experts about new opportunities in robotics in Winnipeg.

North End Revitalization

Winnipeg's North End often gets a bad rap. How are people in the area working to improve their community?

Manitoba Flooding

Manitoba is facing imminent flooding. RRCTV looks at how previous floods have impacted Manitobans and what we could expect this year.

Youth Environmentalists

Youth activists step up to help save the planet.

Fighting Muscular Dystrophy

Firefighters are raising money for Muscular Dystrophy Canada. For three nights, they’ve camped out on top of Fire Hall No. 4, in Osborne Village.

Reusing Plastic in Winnipeg

RRCTV went around Winnipeg and talked to people who are finding creative ways to reuse plastic.

Indigenous Storytelling

Winnipeg Indigenous filmmakers want to tell stories from their community, but they also want to tell stories from a variety of genres.

Fundraising Events

Two-year-old Maya gets her dream of going to Disney World, thanks to a deadlifting competition fundraiser.

Library accessibility

As Winnipeg's libraries become less accessible, RRCTV looks at the issues and some possible solutions.

Bees and Bugs

Spring means it's time to prep our gardens for summer, and bees and bugs can play a big role.

Pedestrian Safety in Winnipeg

A rise in pedestrian accidents have Winnipeg parents concerned for their children's safety.

Winnipeggers combat Loneliness

Loneliness is increasing in Canada, especially among seniors. These Winnipeggers show different ways they combat this isolation.

Alzheimer's Awareness Month

January is Alzheimer's Awareness Month and people are sharing their stories.

Australian Bushfires

Winnipeg joins a global effort to help Australian animals recover from bushfires ravaging their homes

Celebrating Manitoba

Manitobans can expect new programs and events during Manitoba 150.

Manitoba Flu

A young Manitoba widower urges people to get their flu shot after his wife of eight months passed away.

Plastic Alternatives

Beating the plastic problem will take more than just reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Sports get inclusive in Manitoba

O Canada sounded a little different this weekend. It's part of a larger trend.

See Spot Read

See Spot Read allows kids to practice reading to service dogs and helps their brains develop.

Winnipeg's Best in Breed

Obi won Best in Breed at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. For some owners, it's about more than winning.

Creativity Through Cosplay

Ai-Kon's Winterfest came to Winnipeg over the weekend. RRCTV's Oscar Rodriguez has more on what cosplay means to people.

Choir Students Get Ready for the Winnipeg Music Festival

The DMCI Concert Choir prepares for the Winnipeg Music Festival next week. They always win gold every year at the festival, and they hope to do it again this year. One of their pieces will feature a solo from Jon Encarnacion. This is his first-ever solo for the festival.

Winnipeg Backyard Rinks

Curtis Oleschuk and Eric Redder didn't let the flooding of Winnipeg rivers stop them from skating — they built their own rinks.

Wet'suwet'en Protests

Protestors shut down a portion of Portage Avenue in support of Wet'suwet'en on Monday.

Replanting Trees

Sally Ito's massive Manitoba Maple tree fell over during the storms last fall. She's thinking of replanting in the spring, but her and others have concerns over how the city handled the cleanup.

Wet'suwet'en Protests in Winnipeg

A recent Wet'suwet'en protest at Portage and Main sparked some hate.

Diversity in Theatre

Two Indigenous women are hoping to be more represented in theatre.

Indigenous Inclusion at Festival du Voyageur

This year’s Festival du Voyageur was the first since the organization announced that it would make a commitment to reconciliation. One of the ways the festival is doing this is by including more Indigenous performers and programs.

Potahto Week 2020

See what local restaurants are doing to spice up spuds for this years Potahto Week.

House Hunters: Instagram

First time home buyers are using Instagram to help them find their perfect house.

Polar Bear Day

International Polar Bear Day is February 27, and experts are using the day to stress the risk of climate change to polar bears habitats.

Coronavirus risk still low: provincial authorities

Manitoba provincial authorities said today the risk of contracting the virus here is low. Face masks are still selling out across the city.

Winnipeg's Filipino Artists

Two Winnipeg Filipino artists charted their own path and pursued what they love to do.

Winnipeg Art

The Winnipeg Arts Council released their Culture to the Core report in February, revealing Winnipeg's booming arts scene.

Dangeous isn't a breed

Exploring different dog breeds and whether they actually pose a risk to the public or not.

A Sustainable Winnipeg

The Shell Eco-marathon is one event on a long list of cancellations because of the recent COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak. The student ecoMotion team at the University of Manitoba won’t be travelling to California for this year’s competition, but safety lead Nick Loughren said they’re still building their battery-electric car.

International Women's Day

International Women's Day was March 8. RRCTV reporters spoke with women about their experience working in trades, and other underrepresented areas.

Paranormal Winnipeg

The University of Manitoba Archives' paranormal collection got a mammoth donation in October: around 30,000 UFO-related items.