SAD Strategies

Thousands of Canadians suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) every year. Some of these Canadians share different strategies to combat this depression.

Nearly three per cent of Canadians live with the seasonal depression, while another 15 per cent suffer from the winter blues, a milder form of the depression, according to Mood Disorders Canada.

“We’re starting to understand that mood is severely affected by weather and habits and attitudes and culturally we’re beginning to understand that a lot of people dread winter and have a lot of challenges with that,” said Lindsay Somers, an outdoor health advocate who started an winter running club for people suffering from SAD.

“When you are committing to moving your body, and getting outside and seeing the world, it gets you outside your head and it helps you move and change the actual chemistry of your body and therefore changing your mood.”
Amy Unger, 24, has been struggling with depression for years, using medication to combat the disorder. This year Unger started a morning routine using a SAD lamp which mimics sunlight, and an art therapy session.

“Together I found it really beneficial, it really sets the day off on the right tone,” said Unger. “For me, starting the day off in front of my lamp, doing my art, drinking my coffee, starting the day peacefully, I find really builds into a healthy day.”

Since starting this routine, Unger said she has been able to decrease the amount of medication she uses and has felt an over-all positivity in her life.


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