The new Canada Food Guide

The new Canada Food Guide has ditched the food group “rainbow” and opted instead for a dinner plate divided in three sections: half devoted to fruits and vegetables, and a quarter each for whole grains and proteins.

Jorie Janzen, Director of Sport Dietetics at Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba, says the changes are a step in the right direction but there are still ways the food guide can be diversified for Canadians.

“Whether it could be with the Filipino or Aboriginal populations, there is still some work to do incorporating more cultures into that plate,” says Janzen.
At Immigrant Centre Manitoba Inc., newcomers to Winnipeg are getting the opportunity to cook together and learn more about nutrition at the Cooking Matters class on Monday nights.

“Many newcomers experience a lot of changes when they come to Canada, however nutrition is sometimes overlooked,” says Briana Henry, manager of nutrition services at Immigrant Centre. “It can be hard to find culturally appropriate foods and learn how to cook in Canada.”

The new food guide also recommends cooking at home more often and avoiding eating alone, raising concerns about proper nutrition for those experiencing homelessness or food insecurity.

Some organizations like Siloam Mission in Winnipeg already have a kitchen mandate that requires healthy meals be prepared for their guests.

“If this is the only place people are getting their food, then it’s our responsibility to take care of them,” says Chris Buffington, food services manager at Siloam Mission.


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