Drone Regulations

Drone pilots in Canada are cautiously optimistic about the new rules introduced by Transport Canada. Pilots will now have to register each drone they fly, and will have to pass different levels of flight tests to fly in certain situations.


Evan Fuller has been working with drones, both as a professional and hobbyist for the last four years. In addition to flying with Winnipeg FPV racing, he also pilots for a construction company.

Across that timeframe he’s built a reputation that has allowed him to fly within a few hundred feet of landing aircraft.

“Anybody can just walk into a best buy, pickup something, and put it in the air,” he said. “[The regulations] need to be there to safeguard the public and the hobby itself.”
Derek Miller, Firefighter and R/C enthusiast, launches an R/C plane at a bi-weekly flying session inside the Golf Dome.
Derek Miller is a firefighter and has flown Radio Controlled planes since 1989. The regulations make no distinction between planes and the newer quadcopters.

"We'll be able to take control of the safety of drones and the people that are flying them," he said.

Trevor Lyons flies a drone for the CBC. One of the projects he shot was flooding in New Brunswick, giving a different perspective on the disaster.

New Brunswick flood damage seen from above

“It’s going to be harder to get (certified), but once you do, you’ll be able to do more – closer to people and in controlled airspace,” he said.

Lyons is overall supportive of the regulations, but is looking for some finer details about what sort of drones will be allowed from Transport Canada.

“Everyone’s sort of waiting for the information,” he said. “If that bar is too high, people aren’t going to meet the bar, and just going to not try, if the bar is to low, then why even have a bar?”

The new Canadian drone regulations come into effect on June 1, 2019.


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