Celebrating Manitoba

The thousands of twinkling lights illuminating the Manitoba Legislative Building is one of many spectacles planned for Manitobans in 2020.

May 12 marks 150 years since the Manitoba Act, the bill to create the province, received royal assent. The provincial government is promoting the anniversary through Manitoba 150.

A Manitoba 150 committee has created nine different programs. Under Honour 150, Manitobans who’ve done good work in their communities will get a medal of honour.

People can check in at locations throughout the province and enter to win prizes via the Explore 150 app. At The Forks, folks can skate down Manitoba 150 trails.
Ben Neudorf scrapes ice off a Manitoba 150 mural at The Forks on Jan. 19./GABRIELLE PICHÉ
Community groups can apply for grants to launch their own events through the Celebrate 150 campaign. There are grants for brick-and-mortar projects through Build 150, and there’s funding for new murals through the Mural 150 program.

“The government should spend wisely,” said Imelda Llanos, a Winnipegger visiting The Forks. “(They) should not spend on what’s not needed.”

Llanos said she supported Manitoba 150 overall and hoped some grants would benefit the disabled and the homeless.

Classrooms can get Manitoba 150 resources focusing on diversity through Learn 150.

People can see a mobile art gallery with Tour 150 and attend a free music concert in June called Unite 150.

“An occasion like Manitoba 150, it’s an occasion for us to step back and say, ‘You know what, we’ve got a pretty great place here,’” said Linda Whitfield, Travel Manitoba’s vice president of marketing and communications.

Whitfield said she expects to see Manitobans travelling throughout the province more this year.


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