Manitoba Flu

A Morden man said his 24-year-old wife had no illnesses prior to getting sick New Year’s Day. She died five days later after battling the recent flu that hit Manitoba.

Dustin Ens, 26, and his wife, Joanne, got married this past May.

Ens said he can’t put into words what he is feeling right now, but knows that Joanne is somewhere out there, safe in God’s hands.

“She had Jesus in her life and that was really important to her and us,” he said. “She was on fire for Jesus and loved young people in particular.”
Dustin Ens, 26, said his wife Joanne, who he had married eight months earlier, was full of love. He encourages everyone to get the flu shot.
Music was a big part of Joanne’s life. Whenever she could, she would pick up the guitar and play anything that came to her mind. Ens said Joanne began playing at a young age and was still playing into her adult life.

Joanne’s favourite music was praise and gospel, where she could freely praise the Lord in beautiful harmony. Ens said she would have a beaming smile when singing the songs she dearly loved.

“Her favourite song was Reckless Love by artist Corey Asbury.”

Although Joanne is not here physically, she is with him spiritually all the time and that Ens said, is what keeps him motivated to move on every day.

“Looking at this guitar makes me assured that she’ll always be with me.”

Ens encourages everyone to get the flu shot because he doesn’t want anyone else to feel the same pain that he is going through.

Dustin Ens lost his wife due to influenza. Ens hopes to inspire people to get their flu shot.
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