Thrift Love

A new thrift store has opened in Winnipeg’s core as more awareness grows about fast fashion’s impacts.

Fresh Start Thrift held a reopening party on Feb. 22. The shop’s owners and neighbours stock the place with their old clothes.

Owner Torrence Ledwich says running a thrift store helps financially and environmentally — it’s a win-win to her. The fashion industry produces 10 per cent of all carbon emissions.
Hudson investigates a bag of paint tubes for sale at Fresh Start Thrift on Feb. 25. Hudson’s mom, Torrence Ledwich, runs the thrift shop and brings Hudson in while she’s working./GABRIELLE PICHÉ

Winnipegger Olivia Oborne talks about her love of thrift shops. Later, reporter Gabby Piché talks with thrift shop owner Torrence Ledwich about why she owns the store.