Winnipeg's Filipino Artists

By picking up a guitar, Hera Nalam is in her element. She loves to sing and writes her own music.

“It’s a way to express myself and share my story,” she said.

She went to the University of Winnipeg to pursue a career in theatre, focusing mainly on performance-based acting. She graduated in 2019.

“I’ve been kind of acting ever since.”

Nalam grew up in the Philippines and was always excited to act out scenes with her friends.

She said acting is fun for her and gives her the chance to tell a story by giving voices to those who don’t have.

“Acting is being, acting is storytelling.”

Nalam said she is a lot like her mom. She inspired her to choose her career path. This is much of the same for semi-retired nurse and teacher, Cornelio Castro.
Cornelio Castro edits videos and pictures at his computer. He puts together videos for his family. WILLIAM KLIPPENSTEIN
He has three children. Castro said the younger generation is becoming more dominant in households. He said he supports them in whatever they plan to do in their lives.

“The children are adjusting much faster than the parents,” he said.

Castro loves to edit. He said he puts videos together as a hobby and even made a bunch of album’s with family photos.

He said he was fortunate to move to Canada at a young age. He always tells his students to be happy first and the money will follow.

“It won’t feel like a job.”


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