Winnipeg Art

Winnipeg’s art scene is in good shape — it’s providing nearly 2,000 jobs and over $1 million in GDP, according to a Winnipeg Arts Council (WAC) report.

Over 85 per cent of Winnipeggers said the arts in the city make everyday life more fun, according to the recent study done by Probe Research.

The study included other favourable numbers: over three-quarters of Winnipeggers said enjoying arts and culture is a good stress reliever and a good tool for reconciliation.

“It was so encouraging and rewarding to see how general Winnipeggers value the work we do,” said Tamara Rae Biebrich, WAC senior project manager of public arts.

The study’s results also showed room for improvement.

Seventy-seven per cent of Winnipeggers said the city needs more public art. Local artist Zephyra Vun said the issue is Winnipeggers’ unawareness of year-round public art.

“A lot of Winnipeggers don’t even realize that such a vibrant artistic community exists,” said Vun.

Vun used Nuit Blanche as an example of Winnipeggers narrowing their focus to specific days.

“I love Nuit Blanche, don’t get me wrong, but it’s just such a change in the amount of people that you see in the everyday and the amount of people that flock to that area in one night.”
Keilen acts as Leonardo da Vinci in his school play, Nick of Time, on March 11./GABRIELLE PICHÉ
It’s not just a Winnipeg issue, according to rural Manitoban school teachers.

Kerri Gaminek, a teacher at Oak Bluff Community School, said she’s noticed troubles in schools outside the city finding arts teachers.

“If you don’t have a classroom teacher who can also teach music, you often don’t have a music program at all,” said Gaminek.


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