Dangeous isn't a breed

Devin Wasnik happened to be staying at the Capri Motel that night after having a few drinks, when he heard commotion coming from outside.

Four large dogs escaped their suite, proceeding to turn on their owner.

“I saw [a man] getting ripped from one side to the other, then the other dog was going at his legs,” Wasnik said. “Then they started going at his face.”

Two bystanders tried to help get the dogs off the man but ended up being attacked themselves.

The three individuals were rushed to hospital to treat serious wounds they sustained from the attacks.
Devin Wasnik helped save the man being attacked by four dogs outside the Capri Motel a few weeks ago. /BUFFIE
Now the question is, what happens to the dogs?

According to the law, any harm done by a dog to either a human or other animal is at fault of the owner.

Troy Harwood-Jones, a civil litigator, says if a person’s dog falls under the “dangerous breed” category according to the City of Winnipeg, the fine will be heftier.

“If the dog goes and proceeds to maul somebody, that would be considered an assault that the owner would be responsible for,” he said.

The city’s list of prohibited dogs includes the American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier, and American Staffordshire Bull Terrier. These dogs are deemed dangerous and cannot be kept within city limits.

Out of the four dogs involved in the attack at the Capri Motel, two adult dogs were put down by police, one adult was euthanized after it was deemed too dangerous, and the last — a puppy — was taken in by a rescue organization.


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