Paranormal Winnipeg

The University of Manitoba Archives’ paranormal collection has received a boost.

The Archives’ Psychical Research and Spiritualism Collections got a mammoth donation in October: around 30,000 UFO-related items. They include books, clothes from UFO sightings, and cutlery allegedly bent through telekinesis.

One item, a shirt, was on Stefan Michalak in Falcon Lake when a UFO allegedly burned him over five decades ago.

The donor, Chris Rutkowski, is a local ufologist, writer and paranormal consultant.

“There’s somewhere around 20,000 separate UFO reports that were part of the Canadian UFO Survey that we began in 1989,” Rutkowski said.

He’s written nine books on UFOs and related issues and is president of the Manitoba Writers’ Guild, according to the Winnipeg Paranormal Group’s website.
Source: University of Manitoba Archives
Also part of the donation: Artifacts from Hamilton House, where physician Dr. Thomas Hamilton did paranormal research in the early 1900s. He took thousands of photos from seances performed there, according to the Manitoba Historical Society.

One of the purposes for these seances might have been to reconnect with the Hamiltons’ dead son, according to the Manitoba Historical Society.

The property now houses a homeopathic clinic, but many still consider it haunted. In its heyday, it attracted famous figures like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and former prime minister William Lyon Mackenzie King.

“Hamilton is the best example, because it’s been used for books, films, movies, theatre, plays — everything that you could think of,” said U of M archivist Brian Hubner.

University archivists are examining the items — researchers are to start their work later.


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